Dear Travelers,
Welcome the travelers from all over the world to Amdaeng Riverside Hotel. You might be surprised by the name “Amdaeng”. Back in the old days, Amdaeng was used as a personal title for a lady. With the love of the living culture along Chao Praya River, the love of combination art between Thai, Eastern, and Western, and the love for the lady back in the old days, Amdaeng Riverside Hotel was created to worship these loves and the beauty of the past. Their reflections then shine in every single elements of Amdaeng’s design which makes every moment memorable.
Feel the touch of magnificent moment when spending time observing all walks of life along Chao Praya River. With a wave of the river water passing by, together with an accommodation in a traditional Thai style, these make Amdaeng Riverside Hotel an incredibly unique place.
Amdaeng Riverside Hotel ... Boutique hotel in Bangkok
a red sculpture with swimming pool in Red love, the paintings from the past memory displayed in each wall, and Mr. Cafestaurant, Thai Fusion restaurant by the river, make this place a food destination for people from all over the world. Rooftop Bar that lies in front of you brings the most beautiful curve of Chao Praya River. The way of living along the river is soon to be announced as one of the world’s most heritage culture. Amdaeng Bangkok Riverside is located along Chao Praya river, Tha Nam Wat Thong Thammachart, Soi Chiang Mai (opposite Long 1919), Thanon Chiang Mai, Klong San, Bangkok.

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